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Part Number Conversion Table


Triumph Part Numbers

You need to convert part numbers from Alpha-Numeric to Numeric.

Searching Part Numbers Like: E3681  or  F7067 will NOT return any results on our website. Use the table below to help convert these part numbers.

Also, adding zeros in the appropriate spots is very important. If you are searching for part number 60-743 (original number would have been D743) then add a zero in front of the 743 to make 60-0743. 



60-0743  NOT  60-743

57-0500  NOT  57-500

The table below gives the conversion from alpha-numeric to numeric for all pre-1973 Triumph part numbers and an example of how the conversion works.

Alpha-Numeric Converts to Numeric
D-XXXX converts to 60-XXXX
E-XXXX converts to 70-XXXX
E1-XXXX converts to 71-XXXX
F-XXXX converts to 82-XXXX
F1-XXXX converts to 83-XXXX
H-XXXX converts to 97-XXXX
S-XXXX converts to 21-XXXX
T-XXXX converts to 57-XXXX
W-XXXX converts to 37-XXXX


Example Conversion
D264 converts to 60-0264
E1519 converts to 70-1519
E12280 converts to 71-2280
F2229 converts to 82-2229
F13040 converts to 83-3040
H800 converts to 97-0800
S2028 converts to 21-2028
T1197 converts to 57-1197
W329 converts to 37-0329

BSA Part Numbers

BSA part numbers will always be a 6 digit number and will be formated as 2 digits, a dash (-) and the last 4 digits.

  • An example of this number formatting is 15-1567.

It is very important to know that when a part number is less than 6 digits, there needs to be zero's added to the part number to make the part number 6 digits. 

  • An example of converting a less than 6 digit part number to 6 digits is part number 15-40 becomes 15-0040 or part number 2-79 becomes 02-0079.

If there are any questions about converting older part numbers over to the current part number system, please email us at parts@baxtercycleparts.


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